November 17 eclipse horoscope

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See what rolls down the turnpike. The transits in Scorpio all align with Neptune in your own skies, so moments of enchantment come and go. Swim your way into the echelons of the alleged great and good and find some more limelight. Friendship and business often come intertwined but just now are best kept distinct. As much may also apply to legal matters or tussles over property. Saturn and Pluto are in relentless mood through to the new year, and inching forwards is a better policy than looking for sudden breakthrough. Your personal life offers a mix of charm and confrontation. The arrival of your Mars ruler in opposition from October 4 for a six week stay further emphasises partnerships, friendships, romances…and enemies.

You can be relied on to meet any hostility with gusto, but with both Mars and the Sun in contention, opponents may put you on the back foot, calling for tactical acumen rather than blunt confrontation. As much applies especially at the Aries full Moon on October 13; a fine time to show off and celebrate but not for verbal or actual fisticuffs.

Venus in Scorpio, along with the Sun from the 24th, suggests a softer side to one-on-one relationships, along with the possibility of your spouse bringing in money on your behalf. If shared resources are in contention say with your ex , patience is the order of the day — Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio at the end of the month, so things may drag on and on. Taureans like to talk, which is just as well given that you have nine weeks of Mercury in opposition.

This being the planet of communications, it opens the way for full and frank discussions with significant others, whether business or romance is involved.

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Work looks a steadier prospect, with planets highlighting the rewards of diligence and routine very much your thing , with a possible financial pay-off around the time of the new Moon. The planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto, that hover somewhat moodily over some other signs, are nicely aligned for Taureans, and while neither hands you a free ticket, detailed exploration of your options promises results.

The first week of October, thanks to Venus, is especially well-starred for showing off and attracting simpatico types including potential lovers, should you be looking. Mars is here for six weeks, so put the pedal to the floor with a caveat below. The 17 th and 18 th , when the Moon is in your skies, grant you a further edge. Ruler Mercury is also working sweetly enough for you as October unfolds. Be aware, however, that the messenger planet is heading for a retrograde session from the end of the month, after which revision rather than instigation is in favour.

Some streamlining of your routines and infrastructure meantime makes sense. The season of Scorpio, from the 24 th , carries the same message. Whether you can turn a busy month into financial gain remains a moot point. Saturn, active in your zone of resources, is a skinflint planet, disinclined to hand out rewards for anything other than hard-nosed effort, and reducing overheads rather than earning more could be the path to follow. Customary descriptions of the Crab as the sign of the homebody can get tedious; most people love their home!

No need for drastic action; better to isolate any problems and deal with them in a measured, even low-key way. You have plenty else on your plate — Venus in Scorpio, for example, a peachy transit in play after the 9 th , one to ginger up your social and romantic life and get you out the house in pursuit of culture and play. The season of Scorpio, and the new Moon of the 28 th , are nonetheless a positive thing for Cancerians. Saturn and Pluto are now trundling forwards in opposition and checking that any difficulties from February and March have been remedied.

If so, bear in mind that the manacles slip off easily once you decide you have had enough of being let down. While your personal planet, the Sun, is in airy Libra, however, you have options to explore, places to go oh yes you do and new faces to encounter. At the end of the month, when Scorpio — another fixed sign — takes over, a refusal to budge may come in handy. The full Moon of October 13 is in the third fire sign, Aries, forming a triangle with your Leo Sun and Jupiter; an optimum moment to put yourself out into the world.

Messenger Mercury goes retrograde here at the close of the month, so anticipate a few snags in plans during November. Clear the decks. September looks like it was a whirlwind, and while October is no push-over for many signs, your sign looks calmly aligned by comparison. The new Moon in Libra September 28 is about money and how you can increase your stock thereof…hard work rather than the hand of fate, unfortunately. Check it out:. The Virgo-Pisces axis always brings up themes of control, surrender, integrity and faith and this New Moon cycle is challenging us to step up our game!

This gives us a lot of leverage with the stars in the coming weeks.

Lunar Eclipse July 16 2019 Astrology Predictions Forecast

In this podcast I tell some personal stories about radical synchronicity and what it really means to trust your intuition. Everything is about to change with Jupiter direct in Sagittarius…. How to deal with the suckiness of everything while staying open to imminent opportunities to change everything…. Why your meta narrative — the stories you tell yourself about yourself and about the world — need some serious attention in August …the truth about the s and how it relates to where we are at this cosmic moment….

Mercury stations direct today, opposite the July 16 eclipse degree. After the long, deep dive of the summer eclipse season, the Leo New Moon brings a major renewal of energy and energy of renewal. And we rant about the War on Children, invite the good aliens to intervene in Earth affairs, and put the corporate evildoers on notice!

Solar eclipse of June 12, 2029

Mercury retrograde tunes us into the hidden reality of the self while dark lord Pluto brings up old family and ancestral patterns so we can clear them. The July 16 Capricorn eclipse offers huge potential for freedom and expansion…if we can stay patient and realize the opportunities waiting below the surface of the mind. This eclipse — which has come with a lot of pain and angst for many of us — is actually trying to help us connect the dots between the hideous and the sublime.

Follow the secret map to the treasure inside your soul with me. For those on the path of ascension, this alignment marks the beginning of a period of accelerated evolution. This can feel overwhelming at times, but it is flooding our bodies and minds with higher-order frequencies that enable us to release massive amounts of old trauma, programming, and blocked emotions from the mind-body system.

Spiritually, the Galactic Center seems to function as a transmitter of Source energy. Scientists are discovering that — even in 3D reality — the GC is incredibly powerful and mysterious. In addition to shooting particles out at greater than the speed of light, the GC possesses a well-defined structure that looks curiously like a 3D rendering of the infinity symbol.

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DK Brainard | Now is the Time * You are the One * The Dream is Real

Who Is Beyond Mind For? Cultures around the world consider this to be the time when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. This is a wonderful time to visit cemeteries or build altars to honor your beloved dead.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

The spirit world reaches out to us now, and we have the opportunity to connect with loved ones who have moved beyond this realm and form. Venus reemerging on this day is a beautiful reminder that death is but a pause before a return. The Nodes represent what we are growing into and away from; they are areas of gain and loss.

Eclipses happen at these points, so they are places of power in the sky. This shift marks the end of of one eclipse cycle and the beginning of another. More will be revealed about what this mean for you in January when the next series of eclipses begin.

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Just before they all change signs, Uranus will square the Lunar Nodes infusing them with radical energy, letting us know that whatever is coming next year will have an even bigger dash of the unexpected and confrontational. On a personal level, November 6 is a great day to have a conversation about partnership with the Sun in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces.

On the following day, November 7, we have a lovely Scorpio New Moon with Jupiter present in the final degree of Scorpio, giving us one last blessing of faith and emotional healing. This moon comes towards the end of the Venus retrograde, when our bright lady has just begun to show her face in the sky again. Are the two intertwined? Where is the love for yourself reflected in your people? How do you show love for yourself by showing up for your people?

The big news of the month—and I do mean big! Jupiter rules judges, and the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was one of the final manifestations of his work to bring consciousness to this issue. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun, and was last in Sagittarius from November December Think back to that time for clues as to what this next year might be like for you.

Sagittarius is a sign of philosophy, freedom, and adventure.