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An Asteroids report tells you exactly what they mean to you. Note that, in this example, the Whole Sign chart uses the traditional seven planets, while the Porphyry chart includes the trans-Saturnian planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Your Chart is Your Blueprint. A familiar 2D horoscope chart could be obtained by taking a cross-section of it through the plane of the zodiac as in tomography and then laying that slice out flat.

Even by the third century it was difficult to understand so Porphyry wrote his introduction. Regiomontanus - Celestial equator is divided in 12 Topocentric - Equations for the Approximation of the Placidus System Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart is designed to be useful to all students of astrology, from beginners to more advanced practitioners, and will help you develop an integrated, synthesized approach to understanding the birth chart.

Note that if any planets were either located at or cast their rays to the area from 16 to 29 Aries, then the Moon would not be void of course in this chart. Bruce Jenner, Uranus and the Porphyry house system This morning I was studying the chart of a man who's in the news: Bruce Jenner , an athlete who is about to change gender. There is a long list of them, the most commonly known are Campanus, Porphyry, Koch, and Placidus. For soul-centered astrology, we use a house system that differs from the default used by astro. This house system is used most often by astrologers who practice Uranian astrology.

You can find more detailed information on the mathematical process in the Documentation of the Swiss Ephemeris, chapter 6. The concept of the Guardian Daimon was so widespread and accepted that astrologers of the time devised methods of looking into the natal chart to determine the identity of the Daimon. The spirit of this practice is carried on today by contemporary astrologers who seek to identify the "ruler of the chart" and will utilize it in their work or otherwise pay special attention to it.

The Solar house system takes the position of the Sun in a horoscope as the ascendant and assigns all other house cusps at equal degree intervals from that position. But the major difference is that in this system the cusp is taken as the middle of the house The best iPhone Astrology software also on Mac! It is so great to be able to have all that information with me wherever I go. Vernon has identified some great astrological correlations here in addition to shining light on the life of Bayard Rustin, a lesser-known figure of the Civil Rights movement.

You will be surprised with the accuracy. He is primarily known as the student of the founder of Neoplatonism, Plotinus, although he was regarded as an important philosopher in his own right in Late Antiquity. Astrology House Systems There are many house systems to choose from, but many have fallen by the wayside in recent years and are little used. You can print the Nakshatras of your Moon, with a chart interpretation of its meaning, and a listing of the planetary periods dasas and subdasas throughout the life time of the person.

The Tetrabiblos was a treatise on astrology by the famous Claudius Ptolemy. Currently, the most commonly used house systems in Western astrology are Placidus, Koch and equal house although the Whole Sign system has been gaining in popularity. Solar Maps The complete ver. Porphyry's method set the ascendant and mid-heaven as the 1st and 10th house cusps. It works different to basic astrology where you just take in consideration your sun sign. Compare Astrological House Systems Report.

What I did was try to logically "deduce" a good system from scratch and then find a way to compute it. In astrology, a natal chart indicates your character traits, behavioral tendencies, hidden We use porphyry, the oldest system of quadrant style house division. When better than your birthday to take stock of where you are and where you're headed? In order for Astrology to distinguish events and make predictions, it must: 1 differentiate house cusps based on both latitude and longitude; and 2 differentiate very small arcs.

COM offers a lot of free features on the subject. Alexandria, and indeed the Hellenistic world, was ultimately forged in a society that included Hindus, Neo-Platonists, Egyptians, Buddhists, Pythagoreans, Zoroastrians, and a myriad of others.

The first one is the chart as given by the author while the second one shows the astronomically correct ecliptical longitudes. The houses themselves are set up by the exact time of birth The Astrological Houses The 'houses' in astrology refer to the division of the circle into twelve segments. Hello Mysticaldream. The inner chart is called the reference chart and is usually the natal chart of a person it can also be the chart of a place or business, etc. You will need to input your time, date and place of birth to get an accurate chart.

The 2nd house ruler is in 11 there. Campanus, Regiomantanus, and Porphyry are other systems that also calculate unequal houses. Includes an in-depth introduction to astrology, detailed instructions on all software features, and quick references for astrology terms and systems. Profoundly researched -historically and technically- analyzed, synthesized, brought into sense and order.

This catalogue is not intended to be either definitive or exhaustive. The symbols "glyphs" displayed stand for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors representing forces which may affect your life at any given time. Its purpose is to give the student a somewhat impressionistic overview of the origins and transmission of Hellenistic astrology from the 2nd century B. Placidus house system, Koch, Whole Sign Houses, Equal, Campanus astrology calculator - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Chart Notes - Write and store notes for each chart.

Where is the Person in the Chart? An Introduction to Planetary Periods. Sex matters are emphasised and it is probable that you are attracted to secret or unconventional relationships. I've been calling it the "Neo-Porphyry" system of houses in that it is similar in philosophy to the standard Porphyry system. This view shows differences in your chart very well. Law of Proximity: The 1, 12, 6, and 7th houses will contain a mix of public and private approaches. Articles by Bruce Scofield.

Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are very important in modern astrology as is the use of horoscopes, psychology, and spiritual elements. Most of these works have been translated into English and for the sake of completion I thought I'd take a look at his Introduction to the Tetrabiblos, a work on astrology.

The Magi Society has set up and programmed one of our websites to create free online horoscope charts for you — you do not even have to register to use the service. The Bhava Chart is a chart which has unequal houses. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. Astrology Chart this page Last modified on june 17 Please send comments to: webmaster astrology. Further Reading. Think of the zodiac wheel as wrapping around the outside of the chart wheel.

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Click on any chart feature to view Co star is for people who think theyre deep and understand astrology because they know their moon sign. In this article, we will walk through the main components that you will need to understand how an astrology chart is structured. With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www.

The houses typically consist of 12 discrete sectors of the chart, although historically there has been much debate about how to divide the houses. As the world laments the cruel twist of fate which deprived Princess Diana of her new-found happiness, astrologers will inevitably be asked whether her life was destined to end so suddenly. All charts come with an interpretation originally written by Henry Selzer of Astrograph Astrology reports but they charge more than I sell them for, even when they're on sale and I am legally contracted to sell them at a price I set.

Ever since i've started practicing astrology more than seven years ago, I've always been using the Equal House system. I just made a comparison between Delphic Oracle and Porphyry Magus in the Distributions of the Asc, MC and the Sun, with the same chart, and they are the same, so this "Secundum Ordinem" is not the cause.

There is liking for art, culture, social life and the more unusual, esoteric amusements and entertainments. The South Node is about the past, what you bring to your current life, that also need to be balanced with new directions, and in your case your new direction is Capricorn. Using 2-D motion graphics, astrologer Jon Stevens offers an easy-to-understand primer on houses, i.

Determine Planetary Condition The celestial sphere above surrounded by six intersecting house planes could be thought of as a 3D astrological chart. In astrology the term house division is used to refer different systems or methods of dividing the houses in an astrological chart into discrete sections.

Also prices are subject to change without notice. It includes Aureas on-screen dials for precision midpoint analysis, authoritative Brummund midpoint interpretations with an on-screen searchable Lexicon of midpoints, Aureas Atlas, Time Change Files, Graphic Ephemeris, Basic Research The Moon is considered to be void of course until it moves into Taurus, because it will not complete any exact aspects with other planets until it moves into the next sign.

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Sky Now - A continuosly updating chart every 5 seconds for any location. There are some astrologers who still use this system and it does have its validity. Accurate Birth Charts — Simply enter your date, time, and location of birth and TimePassages instantly creates a chart for you. Porphyry is the oldest system of quadrant style house division and we've found it's a little closer to reality than the other house systems.

Who could think that some little lumps of dirt and ice traveling through the universe could have such an influence? A few astrologers did, then a few more, then a lot more began looking at these little lumps of dirt. Michael Avenatti, natal chart. Being able to meet someone, create a chart for them and then send them an email or text of that chart in moments is so amazing! So you want to learn about astrology? Not the generalized Sun-sign stuff that you find in newspapers and magazines, but serious astrology. You will get a list of your planets in the signs, planets in the houses, and a list of your aspects.

The Moon is considered to be void of course until it moves into Taurus, because it will not complete any exact aspects with other planets until it moves into the next sign. These Modes and Elements in their combinations give us the unique qualities, that will help you and your friends to identify the nature of the 12 Zodiac Signs. The Houses are the outer manifestation of the energies of the Signs of the Zodiac, but are not the same thing. The usefulness of astrology for Porphyry, in this regard, probably resided in its ability to permit an individual, through an analysis of his birth chart, to know which planet -- and therefore which "power" -- exercised the dominant influence on his life.

Free online house system calculator, Compare your birth natal chart in multiple house systems. Chart Generation Service. Remember to Has the most power in relation to its configuration with the other stars in the chart. The various house systems differ only in by means of techniques in calculation. In my view, the first astrology is the four directions and this survives in modern astrology as the angles. As part of an exploration of how symbolic encoding of astrological information developed, this article looks in detail at one of the few Greek horoscopes which has been published with an accompanying chart form: presented as L in Otto Neugebauer and Henry B.

We are offering this as a courtesy to visitors to our web site. You will discover how classical astrology can enrich your understanding of the planets, signs, and houses. The program has built-in settings for Time Zone and in most cases you do not have to do anything except if you are sure that this gives the program, if you run it at least once, it is not correct.

The Function of the Vertex axis Just as the 4 th and 10 th houses and their rulers often describe the parents and the 7 th house and its ruler the partner, t he Vertex axis and its rulers tend to describe the doorways to the next level of our evolution and the means by which this can happen. Such a Solar Return chart can give strong indications of what may unfold in the client's life from that birthday to the next — 12 months later. The most powerful house cusps are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th. An Introduction to Archetypal Astrological Analysis. What is a Birth Chart? In astrology, a birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at a moment in time.

You can read the article by clicking here. Weighting schemes. Whether one uses astrodynes, shad bala, kuta analysis, or proprietary natal or compatibility scorings to determine which planets and signs are strong and whether people are compatible , they are all going to ignore factors that are not programmed in, factors that any astrologer looking at the chart would notice. For example, there is no method presently in use that gives extra weighting to "bucket-handle" planets " i.

And yet these planets are exceptionally strong in charts, and often indicate a person's greatest strengths. In other words, all planetary weighting schemes and numerical compatibility methods have serious weaknesses and cannot be relied upon. Simply put, chart analysis cannot be reduced to numeric values and still be accurate. Recently, every major software company that had a compatibility assessment method in their programs, and several other astrologers, submitted their compatibility analysis systems to a test: to see if they could distinguish between a group of between happily married couples and a group of bitterly divorced couples.

Every single method failed completely! Horary and Muhurta. For the sake of convenience, people want to use astrology software to do "all their thinking for them". A good example of this is in the selection of a good date to travel, get an operation, get married, etc. Astrology programs have excellent tools that show you what factors are occurring at any moment. However, to rely completely on software to choose the right time to begin an undertaking is a form of over-reliance -- for the same reason that all weighting schemes as mentioned above fail: astrology programs simply cannot take enough factors into account, don't know the "exceptions to the rules", and therefore cannot, without additional attention from an astrologer who know how to choose right times, do the job correctly.

Ancient dates. In testing software for this article, I found that every program differed significantly from the others in the positions of the Moon and the outer planets for 1 AD. Be very careful about trusting the planetary positions of any ancient chart. Common Software Bugs. Many bugs still exist in astrology software. Among the most common are: Applying vs. Separating glitches, i. Some programs do not realize that the time am is identical to am. Be sure to test the software you are using to see if both times give the same results.

Orb overlap errors, i. Both aspects are claiming the region from to degrees. Bugs in Vedic calculations. The formulae for Shad Bala and Kutas comparisons are incredibly complex, and the scores that you receive from one program to the next do not agree at all. Conclusion: An incredibly large amount of time and effort is put into the creation and improvement of astrology software. The major calculation programs, for example, have many person-years of development time. And yet all of this work is done for a relatively tiny proportion of the computer market.

Instead of being critical of software that has a few bugs in it, we need to do our part to learn to use the software effectively, help companies to find bugs, and appreciate how lucky we really are. Most of the errors in our work are due to incorrect data entry or changes in the setup of our software, so we always need to double-check our work. Our chart files are priceless, and we need to back them up often.

We also need to remember that we can't use some astrological techniques e. We live in a time of incredible astrological resources, for which I am incredibly thankful. I remember when the first programs were released, and how far we've come. Our charting tools are magnificent. Updating Your Software: One of the blessings of the Internet is that now most of the major astrology software companies are offering free updates and bug fixes via their websites.

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  5. Some companies provide the ability to check for updates within their programs e. Solar Fire Gold and Regulus Platinum , while most others require that you log onto their websites and check for updates. I suggest that at least a few times a year, you visit each companies' website to see if an update is available. Addendum: Misconceptions people have about astrology software and further insights. Composite Charts. In the mid's and early '80's, John Townley and Rob Hand introduced, in two books, the concept of Composite charts. Composite charts are constructed by finding the midpoint of each pair of planets the same planet from both charts and placing that midpoint into a new Composite chart.

    For example, if the Sun was at 1 degree Cancer in one chart and at 1 degree Scorpio in the other chart, the Sun would be at 1 degree Virgo the midpoint in the Composite chart. Many beginners to astrology embrace Composite charts without understanding what they are and how they are to be used. Some astrologers even use them instead of the time-honored and preeminent method of comparing charts, i. In reality, Composite charts do not exist. They are mathematical constructs wherein, for example, the Sun can be many houses away from Mercury, even though this can never happen in the actual sky.

    Therefore, Composite charts are fictitious and there is no date when they occurred. The recent Total eclipse in July inspired me to test how well astrology programs mapped the eclipse paths, and whether they could enable astrologers to find the charts on file of those who would be most affected by the eclipse. Rounding Errors. I received an email about rounding errors in a particular program. In fact, Pluto doesn't move into Scorpio until about pm that day. I decided to test all of the professional programs, and while most of them correctly showed Pluto in Libra, a few major ones did not.

    Some showed Pluto in Libra in either the birth chart or the data table, but not in both. The lesson here is to always pay careful notice when a planet is at 29 degrees 59 minutes of a sign or at 0 degrees of a sign, as it may or may not be in that sign, in actuality. You can test your software using the above data to see if it correctly shows Pluto in Libra on November 5, at 11 am in Berkeley, California.

    Time Zones for dynamic searches In order to evaluate the above Pluto ingress into Scorpio issue, I used various programs to determine the time that Pluto entered Scorpio on November 5, What I uncovered was another possible "gotcha", i. Essentially, no matter what birth chart is open in a program, astrology programs use the default location's time zone and daylight settings in calculating predictive events like transit hits and ingresses. Therefore, make sure that you enter the time zone you want programs to use when running a transit search, or you may not get as accurate results. Most programs provide a box for selecting the time zone for any predictive search.

    Issues with Calculating Progressions As I mentioned in the section above Time Zones for dynamic searches , the location and time zone used in predictive searches can affect the results. In calculating Secondary Progressions, for example, the Progressed Ascendant's position will vary a huge amount from one location and time zone to another.

    Most astrologers use the birth place for Secondary Progressions. That's because they are based upon "A day for a year" i. In other words, unless you did move away from your birth place in the first three months of life, you should use the birth place for Secondary Progressed calculations. But if you have your software preset to calculate transits, returns, and progressions for your present location, then the Progressed Ascendant will be way off! For El Cerrito, California, on the other hand, my current Progressed Ascendant is at 29 Leo 34 Therefore, all of the predictions based upon my Progressed Ascendant will fail if I don't reconfigure my software to use my birth place and not my current location for the calculations.

    A second issue is even more important. Most astrologers assume that their software is precisely accurate in all of its calculations, but in fact there are programs that calculate Secondary Progressions very precisely and others that use much less accurate methods. I was recently testing programs with this in mind, and some professional programs were weeks off in their calculations!

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    Here's a test for you to conduct. Use my birth data June 27, am Orange, New Jersey and do a four-year Secondary Progressed search starting from January 1, The progressed Mercury will enter a one degree orb of trining Venus on March 14, , is exact on October 1, , and leaves by one degree orb on August 21, Finally, many astrology programs will allow you to calculate the Moon's position using Parallax Correction.

    This measures the Moon from the surface of the Earth, instead of from the center of the Earth. Almost all astrologers use the center of the Earth for lunar calculations, and the difference can be up to a whole degree! If you choose to use the Parallax-corrected Moon, understand that this too will greatly change the dates when progressed aspects by the Moon to all planets will occur and to the natal Moon by progressed planets. Can you use software to do the thinking for you?

    I receive many requests from astrologers for programs that will choose the right time to start a business, or have a wedding, or for programs that tell you about your life thematically, e. While some astrology software programs do attempt to "do the thinking and analysis for you", I have tested them, and have yet to find one that does so accurately.

    Too many factors have to be taken into account for computers and software to be up to the task. Astrology programs can call up pre-written paragraphs about the meaning of a specific transit or natal factor or interaspect, but they can't take into account multiple factors at once.

    Similarly, I have many requests for Daily Horoscope software. Those requesting such software don't realize that it is impossible for a computer to generate daily horoscopes because, since the sky never repeats itself, canned paragraphs won't do the job. The computer would have to create new delineations by itself, which is way, way beyond the capability of even the largest super computer and most sophisticated software.

    As I might have mentioned elsewhere, astrologers also frequently ask for matchmaking software. In the first double-blind astrological study of its kind, every astrology program that had a compatibility module was tested against sets of compatible and incompatible couples, and not one program was able to distinguish between the two groups. Compatibility analysis is an art, and requires much more capability than any program can provide. An analysis of the birth chart of Johnny Cash.

    Astrological Glyphs for the 27 Nakshatras by Tara Cochrane. Temple Richmond. Papers on Cosmic Cybernetics. You are invited to send in an original astrology article, to help promote high quality astrology on the Internet. We do not pay for articles, but this is a good way to get greater exposure for your work.

    If you have an original astrology article that you would like to be added to this list, send it to us at kepler astrosoftware.