Scorpio love horoscope october 17

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These challenges may manifest as stress down here on earth, little scorpion. You'll question whether you can trust your intuition—the answer is, of course, you can!


Just focus on logic, facts, or outside perspective from trustworthy, unbiased people. Watch for lies or stressful communication. A secret may be revealed! A hard conversation is likely, but if all parties can avoid head games and big egos, amazing transformations can result.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Scorpio

Jupiter enters your sign, Scorpio, on October This is lucky, and only happens once a decade! You've been going through profound emotional changes over this last year, and it has been draining. You've needed extra downtime, but now, you're coming out of the cave you've crawled into. You're ready to show the world who you are! Expect to gain insight into yourself over this next year. Venus enters Libra October 14, soon followed by Mars on October Venus loves to be in Libra—and you like it, too, even though, inexplicably, you become shier than usual during the time that sweet Venus spends in the sign of balance.

You like it because Venus in Libra feels dreamy, magical, and otherworldly.

You connect to your creativity in an especially imaginative way. Discovering a secret is likely, and what Scorpio doesn't love that? Mars in Libra may mean you'll struggle to rest, so don't overbook yourself. The new moon in Libra arrives October 19; during this time, pay attention to the messages that arrive in your dreams.

Aries - Scorpio Love Horoscope & Compatibility

Your psychic abilities will ramp up. Mercury enters your sign, Scorpio, on October 17, and then meets with Jupiter on October 18, marking a notable time for you to express yourself and speak your truth. Mercury is the planet of information and communication, and the atmosphere is especially magical and psychic when it's in your sign. You're already perceptive as hell, but now even more so! The Sun enters your sign, Scorpio, on October 23, officially kicking off your season!

Celebrate yourself. Sit and reflect on how far you've come, and where you want to be a year from now—plant seeds for your future! Also, don't be afraid to be bossy; it is your birthday after all. Your ruling planet is busy again at the end of this month.

Scorpio daily love horoscope - 31 May 12222

Venus clashes with Pluto, and Mercury makes a harmonious connection with Pluto on October But your partner is far more worried about that than you and has taken this to heart. You need to appear as a pillar of strength. You need to let go of petty grudges.

Sun enters Scorpio

Do not try to remember and catalogue every promise — major and minor — made and broken by your partner. Instead, this is the time to mend fences and efforts made in this direction now are likely to bear fruit. The most important thing that you now have to remember is not to let anything intrude between you and your partner.

Scorpio Compatibility - Scorpio Love Horoscope -

It may be promises that both of you had made to each other but failed to keep; or it may be an old relationship or even interference from a third party. This is the time to concentrate on each other. Take the zodiac compatibility test to find out. Related Links.

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