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Lucky numbers are 21 and Appearances are everything for the next day or so. The holiday season combined with the Moon in your sign is making you positively luminous.

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Now is the time to see and be seen. Holiday parties will go well whether you are hosting or a guest; either way, you should feel like the belle of the ball.

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Be sure to give plenty of attention to your most significant other, who could be feeling rather insignificant next to you. Lucky colours are ruby red and snow white. Lucky numbers are 1 and Crustaceans may be feeling a bit moody and out of sorts as the Moon spends the morning in your sign. Stick with things as long as you can, but walk away if you become unhappy. Lucky colours are amethyst and citrine.

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Lucky numbers are 6 and Cancerians generally understand things better than the other signs and are very compassionate. Change is waiting to enter and redecorate your life. Lessons to learn in love: Ability to let loose and let go and power to express openly. The Cancer native yearns for change, and yet is afraid of it.

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The stage of life that Cancer represents is perhaps the trickiest stage of human life. No wonder, Cancer natives deal with sufficient emotions, many of which are new to them, yet very real, very deep. With keen intuition, they observe others, and sharpen their instinct. The troubled Cancer wavers and becomes confused, sometimes too clingy; at other times, absolutely carefree.

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The wavering moods of the Cancer natives wax and wane with their ruler Moon, making them prone to frequent swings and spells of depression and longing for the past. In a negative manifestation, Cancer natives may become too hung up, refusing to accept their flaws, while being cowardly, stingy, irritable and locked up. Nonetheless, you can get Your Astrology Profile report, basis your Birth Chart, prepared by our expert astrologers, to learn everything about your personality.

Love for the Cancer is: An emotional security cover, a need that is all-pervading. The desire to be loved gives rise to a deep sentimentality in the Cancer. Experiences of the world, the feelings of loss on love not being requited makes them emotional wrecks, and they become inconsolably depressed and withdraw into their shells. It is very difficult for them to let go and move on.

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In love you find yourself sentimental, serious and emotional too. Your health might require some attention. Your Lucky Color is Violet. Your Lucky number is 1 and Read Customer Reviews. Hi all, I would like to share my experience with you. I have been living outside India from 5years now and I feel really upset at times.

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